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New Brand and Website Launch

Following the success of the business to date and having reached the next stage of growth and development, Adam Polymer are investing in the company's brand and marketing communications to help expand the business in the UK and overseas.

Mark Adam worked alongside marketing agency, Keane Creative Ltd to discover what has been the major force for success over the years. It became evident that the company has numerous strengths and values which they felt needed to be better communicated to their market.

The new brand highlights the strength of personality and the innovation that the company have in providing expert advice and quality products. It also represents the modern thinking the company are implementing to grow their business and provide bespoke solutions to all their customers.

Whilst Adam Polymer is able to offer bespoke solutions, they have also refined their standard product ranges into the following product brands to integrate with the new corporate brand and bring a higher visibility to their product range.

Predispersed Chemicals ADSPERSE

Dry Liquids ADMIX

Sulphur Blends ADSULPH

Dust Suppression ADBLEND

The website has been designed to bring all this together and ensure that all clients and potential clients are able to understand exactly what Adam Polymer are able to offer and the benefits that clients will get by purchasing products and services.

"Our vision to be the leading global innovator and solutions provider in this industry, is no longer a pipe dream, we can clearly see the direction we are driving offering versatile solutions to all our clients. Our base values of honest talking, trust and expert advice remains clear and we are looking forward to following our new marketing strategy and plan to grow and help our clients succeed"

Mark Adam

Adblend Dust Suppression
It is not simply a matter of adding a liquid to ‘wet out' dusty powders. We provide a solution to handling these difficulties by also adding our unique dispersing system.

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Adsulph Sulphur Blends
Our Sulphur blends are formulated to improve dispersability in order to achieve the maximum level of physical properties and surface free defects.

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Adsperse Predispersed Chemicals
Our predispersed chemicals provide the compound engineer advantages over conventional polymer bound systems.

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Admix Dry Liquids
Our dry liquids contain a unique blend of highly absorbant amorphous silicas that provides the answer to incorporating high volumes of liquids with a compound quickly

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