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For all the latest information relating to Adam Polymer and the industry.

Team Additions and Improvements

We have made 2 additions to our Chemical Operatives team who will help us with the increased demands of the extra production coming along in the Autumn. We welcome James and Colin knowing that they will make an excellent contribution to our workforce.

In addition to these new staff, we are also investing in our current team and all chemical operatives and factory management are starting NVQs in Performing Manufacturing Operations, Environmental Awareness and Warehouse Management. The additional skills acquired in these NVQs will further help to improve our manufacturing efficiency and offer all our clients improved quality and service. 

Adblend Dust Suppression
It is not simply a matter of adding a liquid to ‘wet out' dusty powders. We provide a solution to handling these difficulties by also adding our unique dispersing system.

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Adsulph Sulphur Blends
Our Sulphur blends are formulated to improve dispersability in order to achieve the maximum level of physical properties and surface free defects.

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Adsperse Predispersed Chemicals
Our predispersed chemicals provide the compound engineer advantages over conventional polymer bound systems.

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Admix Dry Liquids
Our dry liquids contain a unique blend of highly absorbant amorphous silicas that provides the answer to incorporating high volumes of liquids with a compound quickly

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