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NVQ Success

We are proud to announce that our continual programme of training and development has already seen some excellent results. Our first 2 achievers are:

Production Manager - Tony Bucchino, who has achieved NVQ level 3 in Management

Supervisor - Martin Doherty, who has achieved NVQ level 2 in
Team Leadership.

Both these team members have been with the compnay for more than 8 years and have worked their way up from chemical operatives. These NVQ's were the next step in the programme of continual development that we are implementing to add to our team members' skill sets.

"When I was promoted to Production Manager, whilst I was very proud and excited by the promotion, I was a little concerned about the increase in responsibility. This Management NVQ has enabled me to feel confident and has given me some resources to really make the most of my new role and add value to the team"
Tony Bucchino

Adblend Dust Suppression
It is not simply a matter of adding a liquid to ‘wet out' dusty powders. We provide a solution to handling these difficulties by also adding our unique dispersing system.

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Adsulph Sulphur Blends
Our Sulphur blends are formulated to improve dispersability in order to achieve the maximum level of physical properties and surface free defects.

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Adsperse Predispersed Chemicals
Our predispersed chemicals provide the compound engineer advantages over conventional polymer bound systems.

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Admix Dry Liquids
Our dry liquids contain a unique blend of highly absorbant amorphous silicas that provides the answer to incorporating high volumes of liquids with a compound quickly

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