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IMCD distribution in Scandinavia

Adam Polymer Ltd has agreed to become a partner with IMCD for the distribution of specialist Rubber Chemicals in the Scandinavian region. IMCD is a leading company in the sales, marketing and distribution of chemicals and food ingredients.

The main product ranges are to include:

  • Predispersed Masterbatches.
  • Dry Liquids.
  • Sulphur Blends.
  • Power Blends.

This partnership provides Adam Polymer Ltd with a great opportunity to expand into new markets territories and promote the Adam Polymer brand outside the UK. The partnership also allows IMCD to offer a more diverse range of products to the Scandinavian market.

Adam Polymer Ltd are looking forward to a long standing relationship with IMCD.


Adblend Dust Suppression
It is not simply a matter of adding a liquid to ‘wet out' dusty powders. We provide a solution to handling these difficulties by also adding our unique dispersing system.

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Adsulph Sulphur Blends
Our Sulphur blends are formulated to improve dispersability in order to achieve the maximum level of physical properties and surface free defects.

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Adsperse Predispersed Chemicals
Our predispersed chemicals provide the compound engineer advantages over conventional polymer bound systems.

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Admix Dry Liquids
Our dry liquids contain a unique blend of highly absorbant amorphous silicas that provides the answer to incorporating high volumes of liquids with a compound quickly

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